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“Made in Taiwan – Young Artist Discovery” is co-organized by Ministry of Culture and Taiwan Art Gallery Association. Since Art Taipei started the project in 2008, it has made an incredibly impressive record in terms of the transaction volume as well as the transaction rate. Many exhibited works have been collected by major museums in Taiwan. With its four-year history, “Made in Taiwan – Young Artist Discovery” made itself a well-known event because of its achievement. It not only helps promote young emerging artists’ works to the art markets in a successful way but also makes a record-breaking sale. 


Since Art Taipei 2011 has attracted a great amount of artists of the younger generation to submit their applications, Art Taipei 2012 will continue its mission statement to make it as one of the major permanent projects of the art fair. With our original desire to provide a stage for young artists in the “Made in Taiwan – Young Artist Discovery,” we expect to support them with sustainability.