Conclusion of ART TAIPEI 2017 is Not an Ending - See You Next Year!

Taiwan’s strong capacity in collecting artworks brings confidence back to galleries. Positive reviews flood in from around the world, and distinguished galleries arrange participation for next year.

The 24th ART TAIPEI drew to a perfect close on October 23. The reviews given by domestic and foreign galleries, collectors, and visitors were unanimously positive. Despite the weak global economy, many galleries sold out their exhibitions. To greet the 25th anniversary of Taiwan Art Gallery Association and to increase the renown of ART TAIPEI, the exhibition this year deviated from tradition by not aiming to surprise the visitors with the quantity, number of works presented. Rather, its goal was to focus on the exquisite and high-quality works in hope that the rigorous screening process would leave only the best works for the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. A great amount of effort was put into the improvement of facility, such as inventing and designing the lighting and skirting boards. The entire circulation and lighting of the exhibition hall was modified so that the visitors might appreciate this year’s ART TAIPEI in a bright and comfortable exhibition space with clear directions.

In five days, a VIP Preview section and a four-day public viewing period, the visiting counts amounted to 65,000 people. The visitors included honorary guests such as domestic and foreign international art professionals, chairmen of international art exhibitions, top-tier art collectors, and directors of art organizations. Also attending were the Culture Minister, Cheng Li-chiun; the Vice President of the Legislative Yuan, Tsai Chi-Chang; the Convener of the Legislative Yuan Education and Culture Committee, Chen Shei-Saint; Taipei Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-chi; Legislator Yao Wen-chih; Taipei City Councilor Hsu Shu-hua; the Ex-Director of the National Museum of History, Chang Yui-Tan; Mr. Tsai Shih-ping; Mr. Chao Shao-kang; famous Taiwanese collectors Deng Chuan-Hsin, James Chu, Mr. and Mrs. Wu Tzu-hsien, Mr. and Mrs. Liu Ming-Hao, Mr. and Mrs. Budi Tek from Yuz Museum Shanghai; members from the Qing Wan Ya Ji, Mr. Wu Yishen, and Ms. Chien Hsiu-Chih; Directors Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng; and artists aMEI, JJ Lin, Danny Liang, Francesca Kao, and Hsia Yu-Tung. They purchased works that won their hearts ahead of others and contacted important artists about organizing art exhibitions in Taiwan. Japanese Gutai Artist Takesada Matsutani, aged 80, Director of the Graduate Institute of Art Studies at Fo Guang University LIN Gu-Fang, GQ Editor-in-chief Blues To, Director of the Pace Gallery Beijing Leng Lin, Hi Art Editor-in-chief Wu Jin, West Bund Art & Design Director Zhou Tiehai, Miyazu Daisuke, Minister of Justice Mr. and Mrs. Chiu Tai-san, Chiayi County Magistrate Chang Hua-Kuan, Council of Cultural Affairs Ex-Minister Huang Pi-twan, Ex-Director of the National Palace Museum Kung-shin Chou, Lihwa Construction Company Chairman Mr. and Mrs. Chao Su-Chien, Rich Development Co., LTD Chairwoman Ms. Kuo Shu-chen, Yahoo! Asia-Pacific Head Rose Tsou, and model Liya Wang all came to ART TAIPEI 2017 to show their support. Many distinguished guests provided positive reviews to ART TAIPEI 2017 for its curation and praised its content for being rich, diverse, and full of characters.

The sales numbers of ART TAIPEI 2017 were impressive. Galleries generally revealed that they were approached by several new collectors this year and broke their sales records. Several of the exciting highlights interested many buyers. ShanghART had great sales on the first day and immediately showed strong interest in attending ART TAIPEI next year. Grotto Fine Art, which has attended ART TAIPEI for three consecutive years, had the best overall performance this year and promised to attend the exhibition next year. Whitestone Gallery established outstanding sales figures and stated that attending this exhibition was a win-win situation. Lucino Fotana’s works successfully sold and so MDC promised to attend ART TAIPEI with pleasure. Many international galleries shared sold out good news, like ShanghART Gallery, ADMIRA Gallery, Amy Li Gallery, Triumph Gallery and SHUKADO. Da Xiang Art Space presented Tang Jie’s “Stone Story” in Taiwan for the first time, and this huge machine installation was favored by collectors on the first day of the exhibition. Likewise, Geng Jie-Sheng’s “A Very Sociable Kevin” was favorited by a Singapore collector on the first day, indicating that in addition to local collectors, many international collectors were interested in this event. Mingshan Art launched ink paintings from Wu Hsueh Jang, a Chinese ink color artist who recently held a major retrospective exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and 80 percent of the ink paintings were purchased at the Super VIP and VIP Preview. Other galleries, notably Liang Gallery, Chuan Cheng Art Center, Star Gallery, TOSEE Art Agency, Apollo Art Gallery, Fish Art Center, Caves Art, Julia Gallery and Artdoor Gallery, all got record-breaking sales and praised ART TAIPEI 2017 for the overall progress in its management and quality.

The former Director of the Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum Wang Chunjie commented, “The important highlights of ART TAIPEI 2017 are its emphasis on academia, education, and the cultivation of an audience for the arts. This year, ART TAIPEI offered many sessions of academic forums, art talks, and art salons, covering a wide range of topics, surpassing the exhibitions in Hong Kong and China. ART TAIPEI attracted a huge audience, especially those of the younger generation. Even today, on a Monday afternoon, the exhibition hall was still crowded, and the atmosphere was very lively. According to local media, the sale figures are also excellent.” He especially emphasized the sophisticated thinking behind the exhibition hall design of ART TAIPEI 2017. The circulation was reasonable, intense yet comfortable, and visually pleasant. Every gallery selected their works with care, and the overall standards far exceeded those of the past. The exhibition made people feel refreshed and emitted an atmosphere that things are constantly improving. Even though the former director Mr. Wang had visited several art fairs and exhibitions, such as Art Basel Switzerland, Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Beijing, Frieze London, and KIAF Seoul thus far this year, ART TAIPEI still left him with a strong positive impression.

 The 24th edition of ART TAIPEI was magnificent in its exhibition. Its choice for the fair theme, “The Rise of Private Art Museums,” its circulation, and its lightening design all underlined the quality of the exhibition. Under the concept of academy over marketing, ART TAIPEI reflected its elegant sentiment by hosting rich and diverse lectures, and it received deep appreciation and praise from domestic and foreign collectors and art-lovers. Many of the exhibition’s innovative moves made a deep impression on collectors from around the world. Many foreign galleries that attended ART TAIPEI for the first time spoke highly of the diverse collectors presented by ART TAIPEI. Chung Chinghsin, the chairperson of ART TAIPEI 2017’s organizer, the Taiwan Art Gallery Association, stated in the closing ceremony, “An art ecosystem requires every detail to be healthy and tightly connected with one another so as to co-create the art ecosystem and to maintain the system’s balance. To host an art fair requires multiple parties, including galleries, artists, collectors, and curators, and a strong and powerful team to carry out the plan.”

The Taiwan Art Gallery Association is grateful for everyone’s efforts in fulfilling this wonderful feast of art. We will keep striving for Taiwan’s art industry. ART TAIPEI will continue to surpass itself. Next year, the 25th ART TAIPEI is scheduled for October 26 to 29, 2018. With the accumulation of 25 years of rich experiences, we fully expect to bring an even more wonderful exhibitions that is worthy of your anticipation!

ART TAIPEI will continue to explore an international art trade platform with an academic perspective. We will see you next October at ART TAIPEI to recreate another milestone.