15 Nov 2012


2012 ART TAIPEI Hit Record High with Remarkable Success
Strong Sales Proves the Strength of Taiwan’s Art Market
Top-Galleries Say in Confidence:
Taiwanese Collectors Are One of the Best in Asia! We Will Come Back Next Year!”

With its 19-year-history, ART TAIPEI 2012 closed on Monday, November 12, 2012 with remarkable success, securing its status as one of the major art fairs in Asia.  While the world turns their attention to the art market in Asia, the “Asian-brand” ART TAIPEI features “Asian Style” as the annual theme to distinguish itself from the other major art fairs such as ART BASEL HONG KONG and ART STAGE SINGAPORE.  Showcasing artworks from 150 exhibitors with more than half from overseas, ART TAIPEI 2012’s record-high sales and it largest-scale ever have once again well proved the strength of Taiwan’s art market. 


Galleries Overseas Achieved Excellent Sales with High-Priced Masterpieces

de Sarthe Gallery, who made the second visit to ART TAIPEI, presented masterpieces by major artists such as Hans Hartung and Pierre Soulages, including a painting of the Han-Chinese master Chu Teh-Chun being sold at the price of 4 million USD.  The gallery owner Pascal de Sarthe said with satisfaction: “The Taiwanese collectors, along with the collectors in Japan, are the best in Asia, and they are really dedicated to their collection.”  The world-renowned photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, who rarely showed up at any art fair, visited ART TAIPEI for the very first time with his series works Seascape and Theaters being presented by Yoshii Gallery.  Hiroshi Sugimoto shared about his first trip to Taiwan 15 years ago with an attempt to photograph the island’s coastline in his famous Seascape, but the effort was in vain due to the bad weather.  Although Taiwan’s beautiful coastline was not included in the masterpieces, eight out of the nine masterpieces exhibited at ART TAIPEI indeed came to the collection of Taiwanese collectors.  The Taiwanese collectors’ growing enthusiasm in photographic art indeed shows the potentiality of the market to be explored.  Another major figure presented by Yoshii Gallery was Tadao Ando, whose model of “The Church of Light”(250,000 USD) became the famous architect’s very first work being sold as an “artwork,” which again demonstrated the variety of Taiwan’s art market. 


With Its Unique Vision and Vitality,
ART TAIPEI Helped Galleries to Open up a New Market

Schmalfuss Gallery from Germany featured one-person show of the Germany artist Wolfgang Stiller, whose Matchstick Men attracted buyers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and even Australia with its profound discussion on the human life.  With ninety percent the sculptures being sold, the gallery owner Michael Schmalfuss gladly said that “Here at ART TAIPEI, I have a chance to meet collectors from different countries, and I’ll be happy to come back again next year.”  The first-time exhibitor Elms Lesters Painting Rooms from London featured young artist Adam Neate’s solo-show, while his mixed-media works have been bought by collectors from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Japan.  Another first-time exhibitor Kalfayan Galleries from Greece also had satisfying success introducing young Greek artists to collectors.  The gallery owner Yuli Karatsiki spoke highly of Taiwanese collectors: “They are very adventurous, open-minded, willing to learn about artists from a country far away from here! I’m looking forward to having a long-term relationship with them.”  

The success of ART TAIPEI 2012 is not only in the sales volume, the exhibition scale, but also the great vision in art and the potentiality across all levels of the market.  First-time exhibitors came here with surprise that how Taiwan’s art market embraced all kinds of artworks with open arms; while the returning exhibitors were amazed by the collectors’ enthusiasm and dedication. Next year, ART TAIPEI will definitely present a larger-scale exhibition with more galleries outside of Asia, offering the most wonderful experience for exhibitors, artists, collectors, and art lovers.

06 Nov 2012


Facing the challenge of the explosion in the number of art fairs in Asia, the historically significant ART TAIPEI is dedicated to be the most Asian Style international contemporary art fair. ART TAIPEI has been the most significant platform for global art in Asia for 19 years. ART TAIPEI 2012 gathers 150 outstanding galleries internationally, while 136 out of 150 is from Asia, ART TAIPEI proudly presents its importance in Asia-Pacific area. The high percentage of the galleries from Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the first coming countries Lebanon and Russia. Other continents are Europe (U.K., Germany, Austria, and Greece) and North America (the U.S.). It reflects the confidence held by global art market for ART TAIPEI and for the economic potential of Taiwanese collectors. Taiwan is the core to connect to Hong Kong and China, the 3 major regions of the greater China, and the core to connect further to East and South East Asia. Moreover, ART TAIPEI 2012 cordially invites 400, mainly from Asia, important collectors, curators, scholars and museum directors to join our event. Under the theme of Asian Style, we showcase the vibrant and varied artistic characteristics of Asia. It echoes to the topic of Asian Collection Trend in ART TAIPEI Forum, we systematically introduce the specialty and viewpoint of Asian arts and cultures.

31 Oct 2012

Charity Photography Project for Taiwan Aborigine Children

ART TAIPEI initiated charity program《One Love, One Art》in 2011, in which celebrities from different professions are invited to design badges with the theme “One Love, One Art” and all the sales revenue were donated to Ping-dong Aboriginal Culture and Education Association to promote Art Education in suburb area. ART TAIPEI visited aboriginal tribes while developing the Art Education Program and encountered Ku-chuan tribe in Ping-dong, the small community is struggling on the way of recovery from 88 Taiwan Flood in 2009. This year, ART TAIPEI collaborated with Ping-dong Aboriginal Culture and Education Association again, in《Charity Photography Project for Taiwan Aborigine Kids》, singer Cheer Chen was invited to hold the photography workshop with children from the 88 Flood affected tribe, shifting the children from “recipients” to “creators”. With documentary photos from their pure visions, we see how their homeland had changed after the disaster, and the “alternated scenery” of aboriginal tribe was honestly displayed.

The sales of photos will be returned to aborigine tribes, ART TAIPEI would love to invite audiences to share the “Journey of Life” of these children from Ku-ch



1 Oct 2012

Art Bus for Art Taipei 2012 : Touring Artistic Taipei in Autumn

ART TAIPEI attracts numerous international collectors and audiences internationally every year. To serve long-travelling audiences, ART TAIPEI offers free entrance for those showing the tickets of EVA airline, Far Eastern Air and HSR train. Visitors of ART TAIPEI will also contribute to activate the neighboring events. For serving more audiences, ART TAIPEI 2012 offers free Art Taipei Art Bus to tour around significant arts events in the city. Audiences of ART TAIPEI and Taipei citizen are welcome to take the bus to visit the following events happening in Taipei in this autumn.....more


24 July 2012

Art Taipei 2012 with more than 150 galleries’ participation scales new heights

In this hot summer, the pre-show work of Art Taipei 2012 in full swing reviews the application. "Art Taipei 2012 Review Committee" whose members come from four Asian nations consists of domestic and foreign well-known galleries. The international juror includes ShangART Gallery (China), Gana Art Gallery (South Korea), SCAI THE BATHHOUSE (Japan). The domestic juror includes Da Xiang Art Space, Asia Art Center, East Gallery, Eslite Chuan Cheng Art Center. After rigorous and intensive review meetings, more than 150 domestic and foreign galleries selected from nearly 200 galleries will take park in Art Taipei 2012.

This year is Taiwan Art Gallery Association's 20th Anniversary, and AGA also accumulates the experience of holding Art Taipei for 19 years. Art Taipei has assembled 127 world-renowned galleries’ enthusiastic participation in 2011, and it scales new heights this year. With the exhibitors’ enthusiasm, Art Taipei 2012 has the growth of 1.2 times compared with 2011. More than half of galleries come from abroad, across four continents and a total of 16 countries, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Australia, Russia, Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Britain, United States and Taiwan, to Art Taipei 2012's territory of exhibition together.

2 July 2012

Application for Art Taipei 2012 is now closed

Application for Art Taipei 2012 is now closed. The selection procedure will be processed during July.The decision on admission as an exhibitor shall be made by Art Taipei 2012 Selection Committee and will be announced in the beginning of April. Thank you very much for your application.Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry.

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