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16th Nov - 2012 ART TAIPEI Hit Record High with Remarkable Success Strong Sales Proves the Strength of Taiwan's Art Market Top-Galleries Say in Confidence: Taiwanese Collectors Are One of the Best in Asia! We Will Come Back Next Year!" | 

15th Nov - The Grand Opening Promises the Success of Art Taipei 150 Galleries from 15 Countries Gather at Once To Show Great Confidence in Taiwan's Art Market | 

24th Oct - Through Art, We Feel The World, 2012 ART TAIPEI Coming Soon | 

12th Sep - Art Taipei 2012 - Bringing Taipei an Artistic Autumn | 

30th Aug - Decoding the Art World-Art Taipei 2012 is coming on November | 

20th Aug - Facing Flourishing Asian Art Market | 

12th Aug - Art Taipei 2012 Selected Works | 

17th July - Art Taipei 2012 with more than 150 galleries' participation hits record height |