ART TAIPEI 2014 台北國際藝術博覽會 |10/31 - 11/3

Art Lecture

Dear Art,

In recent years, art fairs have become an indispensable role in contemporary art development, which not only play the role as a business mediator but also a cultural provocateur in areas. The Art Lecture program of ART TAIPEI 2014 has gathered collectors, artists, curators, scholars, curators, agents, and medias to share their own `art addicts' experiences, ideas and their `frenemy' relationships with art.

This year, we specially program a series of Art Lectures around art collecting and invite important collectors and professionals in museums to discuss the realization of art collecting, cultural mission, and the possibilities and future of art collecting. Aside from that, we also invite curators and artists to talk about the relationship between artists and audiences in relational aesthetics, which will provide a more comprehensive concept in our relationship with art.

Time: 2014.10.31(Fri.)~2014.11.2(Sun.)

Venue: Lecture Area, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1

Free admission: Free admission for all ART TAIPEI 2014 visitors

*Program content is subject to change.


Fri. 13:30-15:00

Collecting as a Vocation: Possession vs. Mission

From the initial joy and beauty of owning art, to embracing the cultural mission of art collecting, Budi Tek and Leo Shi, two important art collectors, what they have experienced and built is not just a formulaic process of collecting modern and contemporary art, but the exploration of profound life processes. These processes carry upon it an inherent transformation of mindsets, a changing of viewpoints, and a relentless pursuit. What they have collected are not just artworks, but more importantly, modern and contemporary art that are dedicating to the shaping course of future art history. In this talk, we invite Budi Tek and Leo Shi to share with us: how will they define their own art practice after decades of collecting? How does their collection respond to the era and environment? What carries them in the art collecting pilgrimage? And how have they realized their ideas in museums and exhibitions?


Fri. 15:30-16:50

Dear Art? Our Daily Relationship with Art

We invite artists LEE Kit and SHI Jin-Hua to discuss in what forms art exists in our lives and in what postures art has a relationship with us. In LEE Kit’s artworks, we can often see daily objects along with paintings, videos, and sounds, which enhance our lives by chewing the contexts of art. SHI Jin-Hua has a daily relationship with art through his body, being inspired by life and realized beauty is part of human nature, while art is a tool to serve life. No matter it is through creation to talk about the daily routine or through creation to heal lives and broaden life experiences, both of the artists adjust their minds and emotions wittily throughout the process, showing us their unique point of views and their subtle ‘frenemy’ relationships with art


Sat. 11:30-12:30

Collecting as Reflection of the Era: Collecting the Creation of Taiwan Young Artists


Sat. 13:30-15:00

Collecting as an Art: What Matters More Than a Collection

Hallam Chow, born in a collectors’ family, is not only an influential Chinese contemporary art collector but also an important sponsor of art scholarships. He passionately and impartially supports the development of the Chinese Contemporary art. Powen Chen, a doctor, has sponsored experimental art projects. To him, collecting is like a reckless adventure, flying on the wings of imagination and knowledge, always venturing towards the unknown. One lawyer, one doctor, their specials eyes in contemporary art will unveil us: what is more important to them than art collecting? How can art collecting be realized beyond materialism? And how do we be involved in the development of contemporary art?


Sat. 16:00-18:00

Challenging and Rethinking on Relational Aesthetics

Lee Mingwei, Taiwanese-born artist who lives and works in the US, has been actively on the international art stage since the 1990s. Lee is also the first Taiwanese artist invited to hold a large scale of solo retrospect exhibition at MORI ART MUSEUM (currently on view until January 2015). Mami Kataoka, curator of “Lee Mingwei and His Relations,” and Lee Mingwei will talk about how people were awaken and realized how powerful the nature is and how life is in constantly change after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, especially how do they reconsider the interpretation of human existence and of interpersonal relationships and connections from the viewpoint of Eastern philosophy. In addition, Nicolas Bourriaud, art critic and curator of Taipei Biennale 2014, raised the concept Relational Aesthetics in the 90s which made him one of the most influential art critics in the Western art world. Huang Chien-Hung will talk about the Taipei Biennial 2014 subject Coactivity—the new era where human beings, machines, products, and objects cohabit— and further discuss how Nicolas Bourriaud reexamines the Relational World.


Sun. 13:30-15:00

Collection as Communication: The Role of Institutional Collecting at the Present Time

An increasing number of institutions have joined art collecting in recent years. With their comprehensive organizational and professional strengths, what type of artworks do they seek to collect? How do they build a clear vision and cohesive collection? How do they establish a reasonable and effective mechanism for collection? More importantly, being as the vanguard of the region’s art and culture development, how do the institutions act as the mediator between the governments, the public, and the art circle? These are essential questions in institutional collecting. Institutions, a field where discourses and paradigms are constructed, not only have positive influences on the art markets, but are also influencing private collectors. We invite the most well-known museum curators from Singapore and Hong Kong to talk about their experiences in creating unique and unprecedented collecting systems for art institutions, and to share their perceptives in collecting and art discourse at large.


Sun. 16:00-17:30


Directors: Tom Donahue, Paul Hasegawa-Overacker
Released: 2008/ US
Runtime: 88 minutes
English / Chinese subtitles

Do you want to peek in the different sides of the art world; what is on the stage and what is under the table in the gallery world? ART TAIPEI 2014 presents documentary GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN. Through Cindy Sherman’s boyfriend Paul Hasegawa-Overacker’s (Director) point of view, the film shows insight into the contemporary art superstar’s artistic process and life. 1990s is one of the most important phase when art and life were in a serious dialectical confront. The film paints a vivid picture of how the art world worked in New York and weirdos, philistines, the mediocre, and geniuses, such as famous artists Julian Schnabel and Eric Fischl, harsh art critic Roberta Smith, gallerist Larry Gagosian, etc., and no one is spared. GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN honestly touches human self-esteem, social status, and gender issues, which witnesses how the power structure in the art world tickled the sensitive parts of human nature and layers of the relationship between art and life.

Presented with the assistance of Urban Nomad Film Fest.