ART TAIPEI 2014 台北國際藝術博覽會 |10/31 - 11/3

Public Art

Public A

Artist: Tony CRAGG

Title: It is, it isn’t

Media: Bronze

Size: Width 242 x Height 120 x Depth 100 cm

From the Rational Beings series, Tony Cragg’s It is, it isn’t is a piece showing multiple views from different angles, the name itself suggests implication and mysteriousness. With the 2.5 meters of layers, the semi-human-structured sculptures embrace the ultimate energy of life. The artist uses inconsistent, undulating lines to break up the boundaries between nature and man, seeing man as a part of nature. To explore the material through external human living spaces as well as internal human sentimentality, his works take in semi-abstract forms and are shown to have twisted the physicality of the solid material, emphasizing the emotional curves during the sculpting process and portraying both corporal facial expressions and inner human emotions.

Provided by Nou Gallery (Taiwan)

Public B

Artist: Kozo NISHINO

Title: Space Memory

Media: Titanium alloy, metal lift

Size: Width 265 x Height 400 x Depth 520 cm (Height is variable.)

Space Memory is a brand new piece produced for Kozo Nishino Solo Exhibition at ARTCOURT Gallery (June 7-28, 2014). Total length of titanium alloy used reaches 26m. This is a large-scale sculpture featuring a delicate curve as if a dragon revealing its existence from the sky, or perhaps the memory from light years ago from a distant galaxy taking a shape. At the place of installation the work will be cantilevered** (base-plate will be screwed to an iron plate which is fixed to the lift) and will travel across. It is impossible to see the entire piece from any spot inside the space; however, the viewer’s eyes will travel far away along with the slight sway of Nishino’s work.

Kozo NISHINO is an artist known for large-scale metal sculpture employing themes from nature such as sky and wind. His work is dynamic in its scale, yet graceful in its details and movement. His sculptures have been installed around the world as public art and are highly praised domestically and internationally. Nishino unveiled the enormous ø30m sculpture Sky Memory at 4 World Trade Center in New York City last fall. Many media featured Nishino’s work harmoniously resting in the sophisticated space designed by Fumihiko Maki. ARTCOURT Gallery is thrilled to present the work for the visitors of ART TAIPEI.

**A type of construction that allows for a single support point. The three loads of horizontal load, vertical load and moment are supported at one fixed location.

Provided by ARTCOURT GALLERY (Japan)