ART TAIPEI 2014 台北國際藝術博覽會 |10/31 - 11/3


4-Day Pass Early Rate NT$ 550
4-Day Pass + Art Taipei Catalogue NT$ 990
Early Rate 1 Day Ticket NT$ 200
Daily Admission NT$ 300
Discount Ticket NT$ 200
Art Taipei Catalogue NT$ 800

Information for 4 Day Pass Early Rate Ticket, please search on 【博客來】 Tickets are available till 30th Oct 2014.

Ticket Discounts


20% Off with Eslite Membership Card


20% Off with Taiwan High Speed Rail Ticket Stub

Tickets from Taoyuan to Taipei are also applicable.

  • Tickets from Taipei to Taoyuan are also applicable.
  • Not including E-ticket such as mobile ticket.

Eva Airline

Holding Eva Air Boarding Pass with the destination flying to Taiwan during May 2014 to October 2014 may enter for free.

Guests holding Eva Air Boarding Pass shall exchange One Daily Ticket at the Exhibition Counter with Valid ID and Boarding Pass.

All the Discount Tickets shall be purchased at the Exhibition Counter with valid Certification.