“ Perceptual Dimensions: Sculptures in the City „









With the many large-scale public infrastructure and development projects taking place in Taichung in the recent years, a more enriched way to see the city is provided to the public through urban public artworks that continue to transform with the times from still sculptures to dynamic interactive installations, providing to the public increas- ingly more diverse formats of art through expressions connected to the visual perception and also with the notable features of the given sites. An urban landscape that cannot be overlooked has thus been created, highlighting the city’s taste in art and its cultural ambiance. An eye-catching public art can become a medium for shaping the city’s image, and it can also become a unique indicator for identifying the city’s ethos, appealing to both local residents and tourists. Through public participation and dialogues sparked through artwork interpretations, public art has the ability to endlessly bring out the profound regional signi cance of its city.

When an artwork is placed in a public domain, it can help to invigorate and improve the space. It is a developmental process that happens organically. As public cultural awareness becomes increasingly more mature, emphasis and demand for spatial aesthetics have also been on the rise. ART TAICHUNG 2017 has chosen Perceptual Dimensions: Sculptures in the City as the theme of this year, hoping for sculptures to become a gateway for collecting art and to nurture people’s sense of appreciation for art, as they explore the profound signi cance behind art’s gracefulness, extending from the inside to the outside to engage in an aesthetic dialogue with the space, the setting, and the city that they dwell in.


Art has been a fundamental essence of Taichung for an extensive period of time. With the inauguration of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 1988, an environment to appreciate a diverse array of art has since been opened to the general public. Other cultural and art activities have also been actively taking place in the city, with large areas of natural green zones created through fantastic urban planning which also works well with Taichung’s pleasant weather. Cultural commercial areas are interlaced with luscious trees and other vegetation, blending together areas that the city’s residents can enjoy in their everyday lives, as Taichung continues to be selected on several occasions as the most livable city in Taiwan.

Inspired by Taichung’s elegant, leisurely, and unique urban qualities, Taiwan Art Gallery Association (TAGA), which has 25 years of extensive experience in art exposition operations, began the organization of ART TAIC- HUNG in 2013. Each year, outstanding artists are introduced by galleries in both Taiwan and abroad, providing to the people of Taichung a visual art feast. Further e orts are also exerted in connecting with local collectors, resulting in exceptional sales of artworks each year. ART TAICHUNG is now an art rendezvous anticipated by TAGA and the people of Taichung annually in the season of summer.

Departing from the deep-rooted progress made in the past four years, the 5th ART TAICHUNG 2017 will take place this year from July 21st to 23rd at the Millennium Hotel, Taichung. The overarching theme of this year is Perceptual Dimensions: Sculptures in the City, which will focus on how to elevate a city’s aesthetic sense and how to rede ne a city’s ethos and ideology. The objective is also aimed at expanding the market power of hotel-based art expositions, and By expanding the art collector demographic and invigorating the art market, ART TAICHUNG 2017 aims at creating a distinctive international art event in Taiwan.