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7/ 21 (Fri)~23 (Sun)


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7/ 20 (Thu)



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Millennium Hotels and Resorts
No. 77, Shizheng Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City, 40756


Located in a luxurious district in Shih-Jen centre, Millennium Hotel Taichung is the  rst global hotel in central Taiwan. From here, explore the Taichung City Hall, Metropolitan Opera House, Ful llment Amphi- theatre, Mitsukoshi and Top City department stores, and the World Trade Centre.

Taichung is committed to protecting its precious nature and resources. It aims to lower carbon levels and promote LOHAS lifestyle (Life of Health and Sustainability). As a member of the community, Millennium Hotel Taichung supports the cause and practices carbon reduction throughout our operations.


VIP Program

Art Lecture Agenda


7/ 21 (Fri)  15:00~16:00 | 702 VIP Room

Framing the Art:The collection, Preservation and Maintenance of New Media Art


How to framing the Art? This talk will aim at the latest approaches to collect and preserve New Media Art, as well as the extensive case-studies of specific digital and media art works in the collections will refresh your knowledge.

7/ 22 (Sat)  13:30~15:00 | Millennium Hotel Taichung 5F Vee3+4

Learning to Look at Sculpture-From Classical Tradition to the Modern Period

Professor Chu-Lan LIU, Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts
Professor Po-Chun LIU, Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts
Associate Professor Hsi-Te SUNG, Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts

7/ 22 (Sat)  16:00~17:30 | Millennium Hotel Taichung 5F Vee3+4

The Journey on Art Collection-Dialogue between Ming-Hau LIU and Satoshi SHIRAKI

Mr. Ming-Hau LIU, Collector, Taiwan.
Mr. Satoshi SHIRAKI, Collector, Japan.

※ By registration, VIP RSVP ONLY


Art Lecture Agenda

VIP Program

7/ 22 (Sat) | National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Classic Talks on Taiwanese Art and Young Artist Forum

The Forum is held by The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, to encourage young researchers and artists to develop the study and analysis of Taiwanese Art. For forum agenda please check the official website of The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

7/ 23 (Sun)  13:30~15:00 | Millennium Hotel Taichung 5F Vee3+4

Sculpture and its Setting: Embodiment in Space Arrangement and Life Aesthetics

Millais Cheng │MOT Chief Brand Officer
Jing Min Lee│Director, Abraham Architecture & Interior Design

7/ 23 (Sun)  16:00~16:30 | 702 VIP Room

Gather Crafts Styling Session

This Styling Session is a 30-minute styling workshop featuring Gather Crafts newly style tips on how to elevate personal style to a more elegant way simply with a scarf.
※ By registration, VIP RSVP ONLY

VIP Program



7/ 23 (Sun)  16:00~17:30 | MOT Mall of Tomorrow (No.573, Sec. 2, Taiwan Blvd., West Dist., Taichung City)

An Exclusive VIP tour guide to MOT Mall of Tomorrow


※ By registration, VIP RSVP ONLY, Limited: 20 people.

- | Room 705、706

Concepts and Status--A Special Exhibition of New Media Art

Curator:Pey-Chwen LIN
Curatorial Cooperation:Hsin-Yun CHENG
Technical sponsorship:Yiiisu

Curated by Dr. Pey-Chwen Lin altogether with 12 participated artists, “Concepts and Status--A Special Exhibition of New Media Art” presents the current development of New Media Art. Through the usage of new medium, such as digital video, mechanic sculpture, and computing, artists tend to point out the new concepts generating from the clash with technology. The emphasis between technological creation and cultural practice is the focal question that people may consider while experiencing the diverse and dynamic art status in this digital era. 

Display facilities of this exhibition are sponsored by Yiiisu. Taiwan Art Gallery Association serves as the main support for this exhibition, hoping to present our valuable collectors and audience an experience to discover the concepts and status within the world of New Media Art.

- | Room 918、1018

Young Voices

Professor Chia-Yu CHANG, Department of Visual Art, National Chiayi University
Assistant professor Pin-hua WANG, Department of Art, National Changhua University of Education

Young Voices is the special exhibition proudly presented to our respected guest with the support of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City. Moreover, 18 talented young artists are selected from different Art Departments in Taiwan to participate in this exhibition. With the mix and match of different medium, ranged from painting, prints through mixed media to sculpture and pottery, our curators hope to present a space full of young and variant spirits that echoes to the nature of the artists.

It is our major pleasure to make ART TAICHUNG 2017 as a platform for those emerging new stars to make their first shot.

※ ART TAICHUNG 2017 reserves the rights to change all subjects and events during the exhibition.